Dark Wings

Dark Wings by Jessica Galbreth

Dark Wings
Artwork by Jessica Galbreth
Design by Heaven & Earth Designs (HAED)

This is my third attempt at starting this project.   The first time I tried it, I got this far:

First attempt.

Then the fabric somehow became discoloured.  It had a yellow patches/stains on it.  I couldn’t figure out what it was or how it even got on the fabric, but I abandoned it for obvious reasons.  I couldn’t chance having a stained final product.

I started again on a higher-count piece of fabric.  Big mistake.  The holes were so tiny, I couldn’t figure out if I was to stitch this one-over-one, one-over-two, or two-over-two.  It was so frustrating.  Thankfully, I didn’t get very far, so it was easier to start it again.

For my third attempt, I decided to try a lower-count fabric.  So far, the stitching’s been easy but I have to admit, I can do without the constant floss/colour change.  I understand that this much detail is what makes the final outcome much more awesome, but it does get frustrating at times.

Here’s my progress so far.

Status pic 1

Status pic 2

Status pic 3

I set this project aside to stitch up a birth announcement for my cousin per my aunt’s request.  You can see that here.

I think I will finish my Christmas Flourishes before I finish this one, since there’s less work to do on that one.  That way, I can clear it from my UFO projects.

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